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Dogen Sangha

The Glasgow Zen Group has a close but not exclusive association with the Dogen Sangha. The Dogen Sangha is based in Tokyo, Japan, but has a UK branch centred in Bristol. This branch is lead by Mike Luetchford. Some members of our sangha study with Mike either through his annual retreats, or through regular trips to Bristol. The GZG and the Dogen Sangha also run joint annual sesshins, the first of which was held in 2004 at Rowandennan.
As the name suggests, the Dogen Sangha focusses on expressing the Buddhism of Dogen, both in study and in practice. As part of this work, the Sangha has and is producing translations of Dogen's Shobogenzo and other works.
If you would like to study Dogen within the context of practice, the Dogen Sangha's offerings are a good place to start.